Branded & Commercial Content

Client: Publix Super Markets
Agency: Publix Creative Services
Project: At Season’s Peak: Strawberries

Working closely with the Art Directors and Copy Writers of Publix, we were able to capture their vision for this piece.  

Client: Red Bull Athletics
Agency: Red Bull Media House
Project: Red Bull Tricking Throwdown

In this mini documentary we captured the art of "Tricking" as athletes from around the world flew in to compete for this event. 

Client: Lakeland Regional Health & Mayo Clinic
Project: 30 Second Broadcast Spot

This 30 second broadcast spot was used to announce the partnership of Lakeland Reginal Health and the Mayo Clinic Care Network. 

Client: Concord Coffee + Roaster
Project: Web content

This piece was created for social media to show the process of coffee from roasting to cup. Visit to see more.