NOAA - Hurricane Hunters New Headquarters

How do you make construction look good on video? First, team up with an awesome architect and document some of the coolest people in the world: The Hurricane Hunters. Finally, spend 8 months compiling lots of footage. 

We teamed up with The Lunz Group to document the process of the new NOAA Hurricane Hunters HQ in Lakeland, FL. Through mostly timelapse and some drone video, we took a normally slow paced process and sped it up with quick edits, transitions and sound design. 

There's more to come on this video as the interior is being finished, but you can check out the current edit here:

New Film: Florida Polytechnic Brand Release

We had the pleasure of working alongside Florida Polytechnic University and Ologie to create a video that showcased their new branding and logo design in 2017. Since working with FL Poly since conception, we've been able to adapt to their needs and strive to deliver beyond their expectations. With this being Florida's newest State University and one that focuses on STEM, it was crucial for us to execute this with innovation and creativity. With Ologie crafting the script, we were able to translate that into motion. We shot on a Red-Epic W 8K Helium sensor with Zeiss CP.2 primes. 

After storyboarding, we began the pre production process with the FL Poly team. Through the years, we've learned that strong and detailed pre production allows for a smooth production. 

We shot everything in just over 2 days, with us staying right on target with our  schedule. FL Poly worked hard to secure locations and real students (while working around class schedules).

After production, we moved to post production with a story edit, color grading, voiceover, motion graphics and lastly, sound design.

In the end, we were very happy with the result. Take a look as well as some behind the scenes photos.