Tourism + Hospitality

Client: Visit Central Florida | Florida
Agency:  Paramore Digital, CNP
Project:  Tourism Film

"Working with the team at Indie Atlantic was a great experience. From day one, they were fantastic and really listened to our ideas. They took our ideas, blended them with their expertise and ran with it. They are true professionals who take pride in their work….and their community."

— Kris Keprios | Senior Tourism Sales and Marketing Manager, Visit Central Florida

Client:  Bok Tower Gardens | Florida
Agency: Corporate Development (Charleston, S.C.), CNP
Project:  Fundraising Campaign Film

The goal of the Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future Campaign for Bok Tower Gardens was too raise $12M. The campaign surpassed the goal by raising $15.5M. 

Client:  Tivoli Lodge | Vail, CO
Project: Brand Experience / Brand Story

This film highlights what guests of Tivoli Lodge can expect to experience during the winter months. It allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the spectacular landscape and the beautiful lodge. 

Tivoli saw a large increase in traffic and sales after their video went public. Working alongside their team to create this video was a perfect fit for our style and their needs. They had a great story to tell and we were honored to capture it.

Client:  Explore Gwinnett | Georgia
Agency:  Paramore Digital
Project:  Experience Overview

This film allows the viewer to experience all that Gwinnett County has to offer to visitors. It takes the viewer on a journey that includes everything from outdoor adventures to fine dining.